Important Updates

Worried about Ebola?

Consider the following information from the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as you plan your health this winter:

  • Have you been to Sudan, the Ivory Coast, or the Congo recently? Everyone infected with this virus so far has been to one of these locations.
  • Have you exchanged bodily fluids with someone infected with Ebola? In order to contract Ebola you must come in contact with the blood or body fluids of sick patients—family, friends and healthcare providers for people suffering with Ebola are the only people at increased risk.
  • Are you looking for other ways to improve your health this winter? The flu kills thousands of Americans every year. Getting your yearly flu shot prevents the flu and the shot cannot give you the flu.

For more information, you can go to and

Independence Medical Village is Now Open

Village Health Partners is growing, and we are pleased to announce that as of September 8th, the providers and staff at our Independence Medical Center and Preston locations, as well as Dr. Fullington from our Legacy Medical Village location, have moved to our new Independence Medical Village facility. The new location is at 8080 Independence Parkway, Suite 200, in Plano.

Visit our blog to learn more about the new facility.

Changes to Accepted Insurance Plans

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, there are several new insurance plans with which we are not contracted. While we still work with the providers that offer these plans, the new plans are not included in the existing contracts we have with the providers.

In order to avoid any unexpected costs to you related to future visits, please review our accepted insurance providers and plans before scheduling your next appointment.

We are aware that this may cause some confusion and frustration, but please bear with us as we all work to adjust to the changes that come with the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform.

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